HPC Design and Solutions:

The convergence of HPC solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a major paradigm shift in classical computing and data analysis. As the line  between different types of workloads blurs, data scientists, researchers and product engineers are taking advantage of new AI tools and capabilities to execute highly complex tasks in real time.

FORBMAX! we design, supply, install and maintain all the hardware and software needed to run a dedicated AI modeling cluster.

We offer solutions :

We offer solutions such as (without excluding tailored designs):


AI Clusters , HPC Clusters , GPU Clusters , Hadoop Clusters.

Cluster Management tools

OpenHPC , xCAT , Warewulf , Bright Cluster Manager , Open PBS , Altair PBS , Scyld Clusterware. 

parallel File Systems

Lustre , IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) , BeeGFS , Ceph.

Containers & Virtualization

Singularity , VMWare , KVM.

Job scheduler

SLURM , OGE/SGE/UGE , Maui/Torque , PBS ,  LSF.

Monitoring & Alerts

Netdata , Prometheus , Grafana , Kibana.


Mathematical libraries , Parallel tools , Analyze-IT & Predict-IT ,  software families , Matlab Toolkit , Mathematica , Open MP , Intel MP , Computational Fluid Dynamics , Computational Fluid Mechanics , OpenFOAM , Gaussian , Paraview , Code Optimization , ML OPS ,  Cuda Libraries & ToolKit.

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