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Logo Recognition and Brand Monitoring

Enhance your marketing efforts with our AI-based logo detection and brand monitoring analysis solutions.

Nowadays, visual content is considered the most powerful and informative of all the communication means that brands all over the world are using. To gain an edge over competitors and reach out to customers, industry representatives strive to analyze brand visibility and measure the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. Such tasks, time- and effort-consuming as they are, remain important challenges.

FORBMAX’s team is on a mission to assist organizations and individual marketers by creating and delivering logo detection machine learning systems that help automate real-time brand identification recognition on pictures, images, or broadcast video streams and enable automated brand visibility analytics.

Logo Detection Algorithm

Use Cases

Brands have to continuously maintain and improve their image, understand their presence on the web, and measure their marketing effort. All these are top priorities for every marketer.

We create our logo recognition and brand monitoring solutions capable of solving different tasks fast, accurately, and in real-time. They enable high-quality image recognition and increase opportunities that brands need to embrace.

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Broadcast Streams

Receive the stats on video ads in real-time mode and analyze their performance.

Social Media Monitoring

Analyze how, when, where and how people interact with your brand.

Sponsorship Monitoring

See and analyze how many times your ad appears during the live events.

How It Works

FORBMAX’s logo detection and recognition solutions are at your service to provide the full picture of your brand’s presence online, during events, and in TV shows.

Implementation of such a system will allow you to analyze different indicators like total brand coverage, competitor coverage, exposure time, appearance count, etc.

These capabilities will help you analyze your advertisement, understand how your competitors are performing, and show you how you can make your marketing campaigns smarter.

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Benefits by Industry

Solutions we create allow us to achieve high results and gain a competitive edge across different industries by adapting to the individual needs and specific requirements of each client.

Retail and Marketing Agencies

Collect and analyze the data on how people are interacting with your brand across multiple channels in everyday life and what they think about it.

Media Intelligence Solutions Providers

Power your existing platform or a logo recognition app with deep learning algorithms and custom features to track all the visual mentions of your brand.

Television and advertising agencies

Increase your ad performance and return on investment (ROI) by having full analytics of your marketing campaigns in real-time mode.

Media Monitoring Agencies

Make your work more valuable and provide your clients with the most relevant information and statistics using custom-built logo identification and analytics solutions.

Why Forbmax

Here at FORBMAX, we always invest a lot of time and effort to find the best suitable solutions for our clients’ needs and provide the best brand monitoring services.


Computer Vision Development Tools

Our team delivers advanced computer vision solutions. With a focus on logo identification and brand recognition app development, we use the latest tools and technologies to deliver the kind of solution that will solve your challenges.

Analyzing only the text and metadata of these posts will no longer be enough.

Implementation of logo recognition will generate additional value, increase ROI, automate the workflow, and facilitate difficult tasks.