Matches the face to that in the database.
Alarms: Option to send alarms, whether face-matching or non-matching, to VMS.


Black List Alarm

(Terrorists, Shoplifters, Known Offenders)

Demographic Profiling

(Age Group and Gender Detection)

Viewership Analytics

(Face Count, Face Presence, Face Frequency)

VIP Identification

Restricted Zone Security

Forensic Analysis

Face Verification based Access Control & Attendance System


  • It works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
  • It works even with PCs; you don’t need high-end systems.
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Works with limited pose changes.
  • Works even when people are walking.
  • Works despite camouflage efforts with spectacles, beards, or wigs.
  • Works for people of different ethnicities.
  • Face recognition time can be as low as 1 sec.
  • Works for up to tens of thousands of registered faces.
  • It works even with one registered image per face.


  • People walking towards the camera with their faces visible frontally.
  • The face detection allows ±20 degrees of tilt in both the x and y directions.
  • Indoor/outdoor environment with good, constant illumination.
  • Works at resolutions 640×480 and above, up to 1080p, and for frame rates above 8 fps.
  • Face recognition time is 1-3 seconds.
  • Works for a database of up to 10,000 faces.
  • No. of registered images per face: 1–10.
  • The last-seen time of the recognized face is also shown.
  • The environment is indoor as well as outdoor.
  • The camera is able to track the detected face when it is moving and does not generate multiple alarms.