Optical Character Recognition

Without a doubt, Optical Character Recognition is now a must for all enterprises. We are capable of generating high-quality standard OCR in every category as a Recognition company. We’ve developed powerful apps based on amazing ideas with a wide spectrum of enterprises, organizations, start-ups, and individuals. Our primary goal is to provide strategic planning and the best product possible so that we can compete in the market.

OCR & Image Recognition Solutions

Forbmax Solutions: Image Recognition, OCR, and Handwritten Text Recognition Services can assist your company in leveraging AI to extract meaningful information from documents, handwritten notes, pictures, and video materials. It decreases human labor and makes day-to-day business activities considerably faster, better, and smarter. Our professionals will guide you through the process and ensure that the job is completed quickly and securely.

Optical Character Recognition software is referred to as OCR. Long before the advent of PDF or other digital document formats, the first iteration of OCR technology was invented in 1914. It was used to read and transform text strings into telegraph code. OCR is now used for everything from data input to license plate recognition, and it’s a critical tool for detecting and digitizing handwritten and scanned documents without having to retype them.

How FORBMAX OCR Service helps your business?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process by which FORBMAX is able to convert scanned images of text to electronic text so that digitized texts can be searched, indexed, and retrieved within the software. FORBMAX OCR trainers will work with you to develop the language-specific OCR features that best fit your specific organizational needs. Training includes customizing the OCR process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and analysis to identify structural features, such as text orientation, headings, images, tables, captions, and paragraphs.

OCR, ICR and Handwritten Text Recognition
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Why FORBMAX For OCR Services?

We want to assist our clients in obtaining important information from business papers, uploaded photographs, handwritten notes, and various types of forms. Using our expertise in OCR and image processing technology, we assist enterprises in automating and accurately extracting information from sources.


In a scan or rendering of a document, such as a legal document or a book scan, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will automatically detect printed text, handwriting, and numbers. It finds key-value combinations in document images automatically, allowing you to keep the document’s natural context without the need for manual intervention. A group of linked data elements is referred to as a key-value pair.

  • The lines and words of detected text.
  • The relationships between the lines and words of detected text.
  • The page that the detected text appears on.
  • The location of the lines and words of text on the document page.

On a document, for example, the field “First Name” would be the key, while “JOHN” would be the value. This makes it simple to import the extracted data into a database or pass it to an application as a variable. Keys and values are recovered as basic text using typical OCR methods. Unless hard-coded rules are developed and maintained for each form, the relationship between them will be lost.

Domain Specific OCR Implementation

  • Financial:

Digitalization of invoices checks, black receipts on non-business transactions and expense reports.

  • Legal:

Digitalization of legal forms, business contracts, handwritten notes, emails and incorporation acts.

  • Healthcare:

Digitalization of medical transcriptions and medical reports

  • Insurance:

Automated processing of insurance proposals, claims data entry, payroll audit, insurance certificate generation, invoice processing

  • Logistics:

Automated processing of packages, mailed letters, parcel registration, tracking reports and delivery documents.

Frequently Asked Questions


Compliant digital and video KYC systems. Includes highly accurate ID digitalization (OCR), face matching, and liveness, plus a host of quality and fraud checks.


The production central databases are compared to the ID cards. Before offering any financial services, we have most of our processes digital and identification and data cross-checked.

Dedupe fraud check

The applicant’s data and face are checked against millions of existing customers. Bad actors (i.e., fraudsters) are immediately recognized and flagged off.

Signature verification

Signature verification is essential in preventing the falsification of documents in numerous financial, legal, and other commercial settings.

Matching receipts check

Matching a huge volume of receipts is a tedious process; hence, OCR helps reconcile them against a record of transactions like a financial statement, bill, expense report, etc.